Diabetes Myths and Facts

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As many people with Diabetes may know there are MANY Diabetes myths! Once others discover that you have diabetes, you will receive a LOT of conflicting information. In fact, many websites may also provide you with plenty of ‘useful’ information, which is actually more harmful than beneficial. In order to separate truth from fiction and […]

Make a healthy diet part of your life… New Year New You!

How to make a healthy diet part of your life, not just a January fad! I think it’s safe to say that no-one is going to be too sorry to see the back of 2020. But what is 2021 going to bring? Unfortunately, I can’t answer that. What I can tell you though, is that now is […]

What is your risk of diabetes?

what is your risk of diabetes

Have you ever wondered what your risk of Diabetes is? If not, it might be worth thinking about it. “Why?”…I hear you ask. Type 2 Diabetes is becoming ever more prevalent in the Western World, with statistics showing that 1 person was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes every 2 minutes in the UK in 2019. […]

 Dietary Advice For Diabetes 

Resident registered dietitian Heather Daniels gives her dietary advice for diabetes with tips and pointers for how to better manage your condition.  Managing your Diabetes well should always be a priority.  However, the current situation has put this into much sharper focus for many people, as we now know that one in four people (26%) who have […]

Find out your risk of diabetes